A foreign branch office is an organized corporation that is registered in the Philippines under existing foreign laws.

A branch office is an extension of a company located in another country. It is established to perform the business functions of its principal company and may generate revenue from its dealings in and out of the Philippines. A parent company may form a branch office initially to offer customer service, marketing, or sales to the customers of its parent company. They may also create it to disseminate information, distribute products or build the presence of their leading company inside the Philippines.

A branch office’s goals are to provide services to a client, penetrate a new market, or keep competitors from snatching up customers in a particular area.

Key Characteristics of a Branch Office in the Philippines

  • The parent company establishes a branch office. 
  • Opening a branch office requires a minimum capital of US$ 200,000.
  • A branch office situated in the Philippines is one hundred percent (100%) foreign-owned.
  • A branch office must pay twenty-five percent (25%) income tax and twelve percent (12%) value-added tax.
  • The branch office will be subject to a withholding tax aligned with the wages paid to the Filipino workers.

Requirements to Start a Branch Office in the Philippines:

  • Accomplished and notarized SEC F-103 Application Form 
  • Authenticated or apostilled Board Resolution for the establishment of the branch office in the Philippines
  • Financial statements classified accordingly:
    • For those whose home country requires audited financial statements, the applicant shall submit the financial statement: 
      • For the immediately preceding year at the time of filing of the application, 
      •  Audited by an independent certified public accountant of the home country, and 
      • Authenticated before the Philippine Consulate/Embassy or apostilled as the case may be.
    • If the date of the authenticated financial statement exceeds the 1-year requirement, the applicant shall submit: 
      • Authenticated audited financial statements that are available as of the date of filing of the application and 
      • Authenticated unaudited financial statements as of the date not exceeding 1-year immediately prior to the filing of the application signed by an officer of the foreign corporation.
  • For those whose home country does not require audited financial statements, the applicant shall submit: 
    • Authenticated unaudited financial statements as of a date not exceeding 1-year immediately prior to the filing of the application and 
    • Authenticated certification signed under oath by an officer of a responsible regulatory institution or by the applicant’s legal counsel that the applicant is not required to prepare and submit an audited financial statement with citation of the law or regulation on which it is based. 
  • Authenticated or apostilled copies of the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the head company
  • Acceptance of appointment from the Resident Agent 
  • Notarized Certificate or inward remittance made to a local bank
  • Acquisition of clearances and licenses from government agencies

Procedures to Setup a Branch Office in the Philippines

  • Gather all required head company documents for verification purposes.
  • File the application of license with the SEC.
  • Head towards a local bank and open a “Non-Resident” account.
  • Accomplish all the required forms for application.
  • Pay all the necessary fees. 
  • Obtain a license from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Secure a business permit and Mayor’s Permit. 
  • Register with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).
  • For employers, complete registration with BIR, Pag-ibig, Philhealth, and SSS.

Help for Starting a Branch Office in the Philippines

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